A sampling of customer comments

“Mr. John Hsu is a highly skilled bow maker. His violin bows are of excellent playing quality!”

“John Hsu’s bow is the finest bow I have ever had. His bow gets a powerful, focused, and resonant sound out of the violin. For several years, I have used a John Hsu bow for all my performances with great satisfaction.”

“John Hsu’s violin bow is one of the best I have ever used. It was a real pleasure to use the bow!”

“I am the proud owner of two John Hsu violin bows. While each one of them has its own characteristics, both of them are representative of the artistry of this master bow-maker.”

“While I own several fine bows, including an excellent Victor Fetique, my overall favorite was made by John Hsu. It is my considered opinion that John Hsu’s bows are among the finest being crafted today—both in terms of their superb playing qualities and their beautiful workmanship.”

“An excellent bow maker and a very fine person.”

“A great maker.”

“Thanks for all your help. You are the best!”

“My #1 source…”

“Thank you for your wonderful job.”

“To my trusted friend—Thanks for all your past, present and future repairs.”

“A suberb craftsman, artist and gentleman. All the best.”